Flickr integration with Tumblr - what gives?

Both Flickr and Tumblr are owned by Yahoo.  Shouldn’t integration be great then.  Well it isn’t.  Post a link to a Flickr album and nothing shows up other then the link in Tumblr.  Sad.

No 2 launched. Bitter sweet.

Mayday first candidate. If you are in AZ, vote for him. If not, please help spread the message.

““We used to have R.V.s and precooked meals,” said a man who attends Burning Man with a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. (He asked not to be named so as not to jeopardize those relationships.) “Now, we have the craziest chefs in the world and people who build yurts for us that have beds and air-conditioning.” He added with a sense of amazement, “Yes, air-conditioning in the middle of the desert!” His camp includes about 100 people from the Valley and Hollywood start-ups, as well as several venture capital firms. And while dues for most non-tech camps run about $300 a person, he said his camp’s fees this year were $25,000 a person. A few people, mostly female models flown in from New York, get to go free, but when all is told, the weekend accommodations will collectively cost the partygoers over $2 million.”

One of the first algorithms I worked on in a professional capacity was a vocoder, FFT based running first on Amiga then the Mac. Turned out that vocoding was super slow on 68k processors but it shipped in a modified form in Blank Software’s Alchemy. Crazy days.



DAY114//2AUG//Get Home//Angus & Julia Stone

And they’re back. 

Angus and Julia are the artist of the weekend

John Oliver on Native Ads. He is seriously making me considering subscribing to HBO.

The proposal to boycott FIFA is the right one. Get the biggest football nations together and start a new organization.

This article shows fundamental misunderstandings of semiconductors and modern SoCs. Perhaps JL should have talked to a friend in SV who actually understands silicon economics and technology.

Wow. Pretty major. NYT comes out for marijuana legalization.